Review of CTS Knumb Me Oil – How Its Ingredients Work

Once your doctor says you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the choice of management that he will give you are the following; hand splint, analgesics prescriptions, or surgery. However, there are some alternative to these management modalities. You can make use of natural products that are made up of scientifically proven as effective remedy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). One of the most effective products that produce significant results is CTS Knumb Me Oil. This product had been widely used by many Australians. With numerous positive feedbacks from CTS sufferers, its fame is gradually increased. For such reason, a review of CTS Knumb Me Oil is initiated.

CTS Knumb Me Oil is purely inspired by nature. Its ingredients are primarily herbs which are clinically proven to lessen CTS discomforts such as pain and numbness. The ingredients of such product are garlic, hot peppers, clove oil, and olive oil. This review of CTS Knumb Me Oil will help you understand why the above-mentioned ingredients are deemed to be effective in managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. However, it may take time to perfect CTS Knumb Me Oil since it takes a month to gather quality ingredients.

Traditionally, garlic is used to treat toothache and muscle cramps. It is considered as a circulatory stimulant thus improving blood circulation and oxygenation to the affected part. Aside from this, it contains antioxidants which are responsible for maintaining the built-up free radicals off your systems. It has been known that free radicals contribute to several signs and symptoms of different diseases. As an ingredient of CTS Knumb Me Oil, garlic’s sole untoward effect is it pungent odor. Besides that, it has no known serious side effect.

Hot peppers may come in variety of class. But amongst the diversity, Cayenne is regarded as outstanding. In the early times, Aztecs have been using Cayenne as a remedy to aching bones and muscles. Its key substance, Capsicum or capsaicin I considered as the first analgesic known to man. It is primarily the substance that makes the pepper produce warm sensation. This property is considered therapeutic because it does not only lessen the painful sensation; warmth also facilitates good blood circulation.

Another important ingredient that is highlighted in this review of CTS Knumb Me Oil is Clove oil. It is plays an important role since it contains three outstanding elements which are scientifically known to decrease CTS discomfort and other muscle aches. These substances are Eugenol, beta- caryophyllene, and Methyl Salicylate. In fact, these substances are used as an ingredient in most topical pain relievers.

Olive Oil has a content that acts like Ibuprofen. The substance named oleocanthal inhibits the production of COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. For this reason, pain is relatively diminished. With Clove oil and other herbs that produce anesthetic effects, Olive oil qualifies to be an effective ingredient for CTS Knumb Me Oil.

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