Preventive ways against Carpal tunnel surgery

Lifestyle is one and the main predisposing factor of having Carpal tunnel syndrome. This includes your work, the foods you eat, the adequacy of nutrition and supplements you take in and your exercise. CTS is associated with too much use of muscles that causes muscle tightness which results to restricted circulation. In order to prevent this, rest is very important. Being workaholic is not bad but your body deserves a break.


Here are some of the preventive ways against having carpal tunnel surgery again and again. First you should modify your lifestyle. When you are working you must bear in mind that adequate resting period is important. You must do alternate hand movement to avoid long period of wrist flexing. You may also need to modify your daily activities especially those that put pressures on your wrists. Through this you are preventing muscle fatigue and decreasing the risk for having carpal tunnel syndrome.


Another way to prevent having carpal tunnel surgery again and again is by changing the kinds of food that you eat. Also, you may need to increase your intake of foods rich in Vitamin B6. A clinical research has concluded that people who have lesser intake of vitamin B6 are relatively prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. For those people who suffered with CTS, dairy foods such as milk, cheese, and eggs should be eliminated in the diet since  this kind of food where suspected to have a highest amount of allergens that may exacerbate CTS. Soy, corn, wheat, preservatives and chemical food additives should be avoided as well.


Foods that are rich in B-vitamins and iron such as dark leafy green vegetables and sea vegetables are highly recommended. Eat more lean meats than red meats. Include blueberries, cherries and tomatoes because these are rich in antioxidants that help combat free radicals. Reduce or eliminate foods that are rich in trans-fatty acids like french fries, onion rings, crackers, cookies, cakes, donuts, margarines and processed foods. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine. Use olive oils or vegetables oils in frying foods. Supplement intakes of vitamins A,C,E and D and B-complex. Likewise minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium are important.


Aside from food modification proper exercise which includes meditation is also important. Proper exercise with frequent intervals such as doing range of motion exercises, stretching, extending and flexing of your arms and hands, help in proper circulation. Meditation is included in order to set your mind, body and soul in a positive manner. This can result to improved circulation and general wellness of the body.


These are the preventive ways against having carpal tunnel surgery again and again. If you can just eliminate sedentary lifestyle and be active in balancing work, exercise, and rest periods, you can be CTS free.


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