Facts About Carpal Tunnel Cures

Whenever somebody would talk about cure, most commonly, the idea that comes in is medicine. However, there are some ailments that would not require you to take drugs or other maintenance medications; one example is Carpal tunnel syndrome. Most likely, people would misunderstand CTS. A fact that you must know; CTS is not caused by microorganisms or other pathologic parasites but primarily due to anatomical problem. Moreover, the most common presenting symptom of CTS is pain that is triggered by movement. With these facts on hand, you must understand that carpal tunnel cures are mainly symptom-oriented and rehabilitative.

Once you are diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome, the physician will most likely give you options regarding its management. Several carpal tunnel cures are as follows:

Hands Stretching – When you are under the pain attack, this will definitely be uneasy. You can take prescribed pain relievers before doing hand stretching or else you will be more intimidated with the discomfort. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) is the choice analgesic medication for CTS. When doing Hand stretching, slowly pull your fingers only until you can tolerate. Alternately make a fist and then stretch you hand for up to 10 minutes. After that, bend you wrists in several directions as long as you can tolerate. Do this regularly and habitually during rest periods or even while working.

Hand Splinting – It is recommended to use a wrist splint at night because movements of the hands while you are asleep may worsen the condition and can bring excruciating pain as you wake up. Some people would unconsciously turn their wrist or put pressure to the hand while asleep. Therefore, wearing a splint can help immobilize the affected part and reduce the occurrence of CTS.

Cold compress – As an alternative to NSAIDS, topical application of ice packs can lessen the painful sensation. As cold blocks the pain receptors, the affected part will temporarily be numb, hence lesser pain is felt. Use an ice bag then apply it on the painful area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the application for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then you can put the compress again.

Take Vitamin B6 supplements – Clinical studies reveal that CTS is associated with vitamin B6 deficiency. Also, a relatively declined vitamin C is linked to the occurrence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For this reason, vitamin B6 supplementation is considered as one of the most effective carpal tunnel cures. However, you can also have an intake of foods that are rich in vitamin B6. Good sources include; pork, chicken, turkey, bananas, mangoes, avocados and sweet potatoes. Typically, the recommended dose of vitamin B6 supplement for CTS is no more than 50 mg in two or three days. Usually, effects show up in six weeks.

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