Exercises For Your Hands to Relieve the Pains of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The following exercises are intended to help preventing the carpal tunnel syndrome or lessen its painful effects on the patient.

In order to gain most benefit from it, start with relaxing your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toe, feel the body completely, and then take a moment to look deeper into your body, into your entire wrist and hand.

What sensations do you feel and how much awareness can you put in that body parts?

Feel the space between your fingers and relax there, then feel the entire hand:

is there any tension or pain? Relax there and breathe in deeper, let the deeper inhalation affect your hand and your wrist, let your breath seep into your hand, in order to release any tension there.

This carpal tunnel exercise is a gentle combination of physical and mental practice.

So when you feel more at ease and calm within yourself, start with the following movements.

First, let your whole arm stretch away from your body. You can do that while sitting, standing or even lying down, just make sure you stay relaxed.

Imagine your whole arm is like a balloon getting pumped up.

Then feel into your wrist and hand, let especially this 2 parts of your body take part in the stretching. Let go of any tension inside your joints. Finally you reached your limit of flexibility and you reverse the stretch, let your arm come back to its original condition and stay there for a while.

Feel your breathing again, before you start a new stretch.

Do at least 5 loops of this carpal tunnel exercise and make sure you relax more with each round. That is very important. Do not overexert yourself.

Don’t try to force that carpal tunnel exercise to do anything, especially not to undo any pain, incline to visualize your tissue, or even better, feel your tissue while slightly stretching.

That stretch is meant to be a very tender “ opening “ of the tissue in your arm, wrist and hand, to release the nerves being compressed and irritated deeper within the layers of the tissue.

Feel deeper into that stretch, it should always be gentle and not cause any additional pain.

Let your arm expand away from your torso more and more, do it very slowly to let your entire awareness follow that expansion.

Then, the next step of the carpal tunnel exercise will focus on the reverse movement after the stretching part.

This time you don’t want to just passively relax the arm back to its original position, but to “ suck in “ the space of your joints. Your fingers and hand is closing by that movement, as you would build a fist, but again: do it very slowly, imagine your hand will catch a ball in slow motion, so you can stay alert of every single inch of the “ reverse “ part of the exercise, which I call the “ closing “ part.

Again: Don’t overexert yourself, don’t reach your limit, stay safe and move gentle. Take your time, make sure, you relax deeper into your body.

So to make that carpal tunnel exercise most effective for you’re benefits, do at least 10 very relaxed loops, start with the “ opening “ part and then take the “ closing “ part to merge both parts into one nice movement, do it fluently without stops.

If you want to learn more about this carpal tunnel exercise, join a Qi gong or Tai Chi class to deepen your knowledge, to create a certain body consciousness, that allows you to really relax the nerves deeper within the carpal tunnel.

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