Excercise To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)

Here are some of the best exercises that Carpal Tunnel and repetitive strain patients have used to find relief.


Hold your arms shoulder high, parallel to the floor, palms down. Point your fingers, extending them as far as you can – straightening your elbow as much as possible.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale, rotate your shoulders backward, rolling your shoulders as you bring your arms up shoulder high, palms up.

Inhale again. As you exhale, raise your arms over your head, palms facing one another, stretching as tall as possible. Press your heels into the floor, tightening your leg muscles.

Inhale again. As you exhale, interlock your fingers and press your palms skyward, stretching your fingers and palms as high as possible. Hold this position as you inhale again.

As you exhale, lean right, stretching your rib muscles.

Inhale deeply. As you exhale, learn left.

Repeat each of these steps in order several times.


Repeat each of these steps while seated at your desk. Push your hips into your chair as you stretch upward.


Keeping your wrists straight, place both index fingers on the edge of your desk. Gently push against the top of the desk. Hold as you inhale deeply, then exhale completely.

Repeat two or three times.

Repeat with each of your fingers, but not your thumb.


Place your right palm against the wall. Spread your fingers, opening your hand as wide as possible. Extend your elbow and push your palm into the wall.

Inhale deeply as you hold this stretch. Exhale. Inhale again. Exhale, feeling the “burn” as you stretch your arm and hand.

Holding this position, inhale, turning your head to the left. Push your shoulder forward.

Hold as you inhale deeply, then exhale. Inhale deeply, then exhale, then relax your arm.

Repeat the exercise with your left palm.

Alternate back and fourth until you have stretched each hand five times.


Hold your hands together in front of your chest, fingers pointing toward the ceiling as if you were in prayer.

Inhale deeply. Now, exhale as you raise your elbows – without moving your hands –– as if you were an Oriental dancer!

Hands together, elbows up, spread your fingers as far apart as possible.

Now, relax your shoulders as you hold this position. Slowly stretch the heel of your palms down until they are the level of your wrists.

Move your hands over to the right side of your body and hold for a few breaths. Repeat to the left.


Shrug your shoulders up high, trying to touch your ears. Hold while you count 1,2,4, then release. Repeat at least five times.

These are just a few of the many exercises that will help. Experiment with these and the others – finding out for yourself which helps you the most.

CTS expert KateMontgomery says that we still have a journey ahead of us. Mainstream medicine continues to change as new discoveries are made and new procedures are tried. Alternative medicine also continues to change, she says.

She is extremely critical of the “snake oil salesmen” who offer quick fixes and miracle cures. She says she “just wants to scream” when she runs across ads in magazines or tabloid newspapers offering Carpal Tunnel fixes.

She cites one in particular that infuriates her. It grandly promises to “fix your hands in 15 minutes.”  She hates that, “because that person is making a mint off this and there’s no reason for it,” she says.

No-cost exercise on your own works, she has found.

Surgery, she says, should only be “a very last resort.”

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