Dealing with tingline & numbness of carpal tunnel syndrome

Dealing with tingline & numbness of carpal tunnel syndrome

Dealing with tingling & numbness of a carpal tunnel syndrome is a very delicate topic.

The keyword here is “ relaxing “, as you might have realized as a directly affected patient, all further grouchiness can cause more numbness in your hand.

All the staring at your fingers or wrist and the non acceptance of this sensations is causing the nerves to continue their nasty behaviour.

Therefore yes, surely work on a physical level, regularly align and release tension inside your arm and fingers, to overcome wrist pain.

Keep your hand and wrists as straight as possible, as the carpel tunnel results with pressure permanently applied to the central nerve when the wrist is either flexed up or down.

But one thing is very important: Try to just feel into this numbness and surrender to it. Give way to its quality and relax deeper within your body

Sometimes even gentle pressure or massages don’t work anymore, as the median nerve is too irritated, in this case it’s really time to stop working or caring about it. No need to look for more treatments, or try to cool down your hands with gel packs.

These are all useful tips but if you really want the nerves to stop bothering you, this is the thing to do.

Relax relax relax, but in an active way, not in the conventional sense of a couch potato doing nothing. No! be fully present and stay with the numbness, completely, try to avoid running away from what is happening right now with questions like:

“ why is it that numb? “, “ I can’t stand it anymore “ “ What can I do to bear the numbness? “ and so on,

Really stay with the wrist pain, the “ carpal tunnel syndrome “, the thing that causes so much discomfort and really go inside of it. See if you can release the intensity of the pain just by being absolutely receptive for its appearance.

It’s not pleasant, yes that’s the truth, but by working against it, even by just trying to apply new methods, it’s not getting better either. That’s another truth.

Why is that?

Since the nerves are getting squeezed and compressed constantly, they will react to all and everything, so make sure you don’t let them govern your whole attention, let them do their awkward job and observe it, really accept it, let go of your inner resistance, your worries about when this will end.

Again, the key is relaxing and accepting.

Use gentle exercises like Tai Chi or Qi Gong, discover a gentle form of Yoga called Yin Yoga to learn more about deeper tissue relaxation to deal with a carpal tunnel syndrome or consult with Tai Chi trainer for private sessions.

Remember this:

There is not always a way out of the numbness in your wrist, but a deeper access into it.

This will treat the affected nerves much more gentle, in order to release them from irritation.

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