Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is due to the compression of the median nerve traveling through the carpal tunnel. It affects the hand by altering the sensory pattern and producing painful sensation. A person who suffers carpal tunnel syndrome might experience numbness, tingling sensation and most of all carpal tunnel pain.


Experiencing carpal tunnel pain may alter person’s ability to work or do the     activities of daily living. There are certain exercises you can do to have carpal  tunnel pain relief. Range of Motion (ROM) exercise is one of the best ways to ease  the carpal tunnel pain. First and foremost stretching and flexing of your forearms is  very important before starting your ROM. This is to generally prepare your muscle for the exercise that you will be doing. After stretching you can now start ROM exercises.

The first ROM exercise that should be done is hyperextension and flexion of your hands. This technique is done by extending your arms forward with the palm facing the center. Move your palm up for hyperextension and down for flexion. Repeat this technique on your other hand until pain will no longer be present. With this kind of ROM exercise your palms and wrists will move accordingly, it also promotes proper circulation.


Another ROM exercise that will help in carpal tunnel pain relief is called opposition. To do this, individually touch all your fingers using the thumb of the same hand. Repeat this technique on your other hand until pain will no longer be present. By doing this, the muscles of your hands down to the wrists are relaxed without being stretched too much. It also improves blood flow to the affected area..


The purpose of these exercises is not only to relieve carpal tunnel pain; it can also relax your muscles and decompress your nerves. However, when these exercises only aggravate the pain then it is proper to rest and do it again gradually.

Remember the muscles of the hand can be strained when you do these exercises in a fast pace. You don’t need to pressure your muscles because the tighter the muscles, the lesser ROM you can perform. Just don’t get your muscles stressed up. Start from stretching, hyper-extending, flexing and opposing your palms alternately, with frequent intervals until you feel that your muscles are. Try these and you will be amazed on how quick the pain is significantly decreased.


Be aware that this exercise should be routinely done. It is important to continue this exercise even though pain is already vanished. You can also do this even while you are at work. It will only take at least ten minutes to complete this routine. This strategy has been proven by many persons who suffer from CTS as effective to bring carpal tunnel pain relief.


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